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Urban advertising management
Urban advertising has become a necessity with the growth and development of big cities and the urgent need for information as well as revenue generation.

Today, advertising is seen in different ways in the facades of cities, buildings, shop doors, and although some people may ignore the past, ignoring the social, cultural and economic components that exist in developed cities. Simply consider them lucrative and economical, however, some advertisements such as Chelnium billboards, billboards and billboards can act as artwork in the minds of the people.

Suitable points for installing billboards:
Choose the most suitable places to install ads:
The most important basic factor for installing a sign or banner or billboard is the right viewing angle.

Advertising should be installed in places where there is more traffic and pedestrians passing through.

Advertising signs should be installed in places far from trees and tall buildings, because if there are trees and tall buildings, we will have to install advertising tools at a greater distance from the ground and at a higher height, in which case one We have created advertising in a blind spot that is useless.

Highways are great places to install billboards and billboards because there is no space for car occupants in between. Seeing a billboard or billboard easily engages the mind, and everyone can even take a look at that ad. It will be introduced and the product or product will be introduced to him so that the bigger the advertising tool and the more visible it is from all parts of the highway, the more effective it will be.
Making animated and luminous paintings:
The shape and appearance of the painting play an important role in attracting people's attention, and the more colors, embossments, three-dimensional shapes, and colored lights are used in the painting, the more effective it will be in displaying the purpose for which it was made.

A variety of new ads and ideas:
Advertising is no longer the same as it used to be, but the creation of billboards has become very diverse and can be made and built with different names and methods, but only if one is creative and integrates these methods. And from the same tools, make a different form, big or small, or implement a new idea that has not been advertised anywhere in the country in that way. His advertisement will be a special and ideal advertisement that will attract everyone's attention. .

Use the wrong place for advertising:
Sometimes you may pass by a place where billboards in different shapes, designs and colors are installed in the same place at the same time. In such a situation, people are confused and cannot separate those advertisements from each other and have intellectual focus. They break up and ignore them. So always choose the right place for your ads.

Correction of negative points of urban advertising:
Note the size:
The irregularity of the boards in different sizes makes the role of other boards distorted, so instead of enlarging the board in a place that includes a crowd of billboards, pay attention to a comprehensive design that is appropriate to the environment.

Significance of readability of billboards:
The more readable the boards, the faster and better the message will be conveyed to the receiver.

Having proper lighting:
Proper lighting plays an important role in the appearance and beauty of the painting, and the presence of various colors and how they are combined with each other in a painting has a logical relationship with the use and presentation of the message that it conveys to the audience.

Pay attention to the quality of materials used in the construction of billboards:

Appropriate quality signage, such as the absence of water penetration into the signboard, the material of the top sheet and its subsurface, the type of letters made and embedded on the sign, the sign's resistance to cold and heat and the sun's rays and its non-change of state, the stronghold To install the panel and not break it, these are all things that must be observed so that the boards installed in all parts of the city do not create an unfavorable outlook.

Inadequate advertising density and distribution:
If the density of advertising is not contrary to international standards and the signs are not attractive enough in terms of structure or design quality and are also inappropriately condensed in space, over time will cause boredom and reduce the number of audiences and will lose their marketing effectiveness. Dad.

Ranking of advertising companies:
The first step in the implementation of the comprehensive plan for urban advertising is the ranking of advertising companies, which according to the implementation of this plan, the activity of advertising companies is ranked and organized. Organizing the advertisements of shops and commercial units can be helpful so that the advertisements in the cities have their real appearance and effectiveness, and the more organized and organized the advertisements, the more effective they will be in increasing the citizens' peace of mind and marketing.

Conclusion :
In a general conclusion, it can be said that there is no approved method in the field of construction and construction of billboards, and with the development of the field of advertising and the need to inform and complicate the methods of making billboards and with the introduction of new techniques. Environmental advertising, the need for specialists, engineers and consultants to improve the level of education is felt more than ever.

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